Man of the World

by MC D-Feld

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(Chorus) I keep rollin’ right on. I keep rising right up! Straight to the top, ain’t never gonna stop! There’s no stoppin’ me! No stoppin’ me! (Verse 1) Journey’s on, off on the quest! Ready to take on the best of the rest, Leave the nest, ‘cause it’s time to embark. Miss the boat and you’re left in the dark! Keep weapons on hand, gonna need ‘em. Fuck them blockers that won’t stop, bleed ‘em! Stand up, soulja, for your cause! Move it forward, don’t dare pause! Out come the claws ‘cause they comin’ to fight. Stand your ground, send ‘em packin’ tonight! I’m drunk on Jack and the glory of battle, too high up to hear no death rattle. I see you everywhere. Y’hear me down there? You just gonna stare? Well, I’ma leave you there, ‘cuz... (Chorus) (Verse 2) Time to storm and take the keep! Fall in, don’t lemme catch you asleep! Don’t be no sheep, ‘cause the shepherds are crooked Or maybe you just have not yet lookéd. Keep your cards real close, ‘cause they’re cheaters. Fuckin’ drunks, cokeheads, wife beaters. I’m up now, boy, up to bat. .400 says I’ll hit that. Out come the seven ‘cause I’m lucky tonight with some sexy shorty, not you, that’s right! Ain’t no chance, ain’t no way! You ain’t heard what I say! Today ain’t your day, so I say MOVE, BITCH! GET OUT THE WAY!!! (Instrumental) (Verse 3) Get up, stand up, don’t hold back. Get up, stand up, stay on track. Fight, fight, fight ‘till it fades to black. Don’t fuck with me, my intensity is my rep, you see. Start some shit and you gon’ be fuckin’ thrown right out the tree, better off sinkin’ to the bottom of the sea! You can’t stop me. I’m MC D-Feld! Ain’t no one here such rhymes can weld. Think you can meld at all, well I’m gonna geld y’all right in front of the crowd. Let’s make some noise, all, and make it loud! Let’s hear it for me! (Outro) (Fade to end)
MC D-Feld, Bold Deceiver! Kick it!!! (Chorus) Doesn’t matter North, South, The East or the West, It’s MC D-Feld who’s The motherfuckin’ best. So strap yourselves in tight, and brace for the crash ‘Cause I’m partyin’ down like I’z Euro-Trash! See, my flag’s unfurled! Goin’ round the globe Goin’ off like a strobe. Makin’ ladies disrobe. Take a tip from a Yankee, bold and brash: Take a look my way, I’m a Man of the World! (Verse 1) Cruisin’ down the cobblestone street, Check me out, world traveler elite! Can’t pick me out from a crowd of ushankas, ‘Til I’m up in your face, drivin’ ya bonkers! “No Yank’s this fly, he must be one of us,” They say as I saunter by, stirrin’ up a fuss. Heihei, Hejsan, Privet, ‘Allo, Just you look at that tourist pimp go! Take me wanderin’ through the square, Let me smell some Northern air. Lemme go crawlin’ bar to bar, Drinks are on me, does that put me at par? I’ll show you how we party my side of the pond, Just give me a few brunettes and blondes, And we’ll live it up! Jealous yet, James Bond? (Chorus) Get out my way, I’m a Man of the World! (Verse 2) Shut the place down, Spread the word around, MC D-Feld is comin’ to town! I’ll make the Kronor rain, Drop them Rubles all day’n’ Turn around with Euros, outclass you again! Roll me ashore with my hangover on, Still got a day to kill in Gamla Stan! Whoop! On to Russia, before the boat’s gone! I’m up in a state of Jack-induced bliss, Check the black dress on that pretty lil’ miss. Babe, don’t freak, I’ma just steal a kiss. Motherland, farewell, to the North I goes! Off to brave the ice and the snows, But I got my insulation: cash, booze, and hos! (Chorus) (Bridge) Bling-bling, babe, I’m shinin’ so hot tonight, Can’t do aught, I’m outshone by the Northern Lights! All across the globe, see my flag unfurled! I claim this club for the Man of the World! (Verse 3) All round the world, they know this MC, From the Arctic Circle to the Adriatic Sea. Blastin’ round Brussels, ain’t never goin’ home. Gonna toke up in Holland, shoot some rockets in Rome. Yeah, I can get you off, I don’t need no toys, ‘Cause I learned from whoever taught Jon Lajoie. Euro-Zone’s in my pocket, South America’s next! Hey, Khan! Alexander! Feelin’ kinda vexed? Bitches, it’s on! The gauntlet’s been hurled! MC D-Feld is gonna conquer the world! (Chorus) I’m MC D-Feld, the Man of the World!
Yo, yo, yo! What up? Sam Wolf Lewis, the Number one motha-fuckin’ producer on this Motha-fuckin’ planet! Took six months off in Brussels, Now I’m back up in this bitch! Mad props to my man, MC D-Feld! It’s gonna get hot in here! Here we go! Oh, God! Ain’t just a little bit More like a lot too much, Standin’ straight, seein’ sideways Leanin’ on the wall like a crutch. Gimme that fuckin’ Vana Tallinn! Did I fuckin’ do that? I don’t even feel it! Baltics ain’t shit, I can drink y’all Under the table come calm or come squall! Balls to the wall, I’m on a BOAT, motherfucker!!! And that ain’t all that she WROTE, motherfucker!!! No, you ain’t got the right to GLOAT, motherfucker!!! WHY??? I’m MC D-Feld, yeah that’s right! Trippin’ light fantastic on the sea tonight! I got a whole bottle under my belt, Don’t fuckin’ kurr shit’s startin’ to melt! I’m on toppa da world, the fucking king! An’ nothin’ an’ no one’s ever gonna bring This guy down, so get outta town! Ain’t gonna bow, ain’t gonna bend... Billy, I don’t feel good! Looks like this is the end... Rrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaggghhh!!!!! VIOLENTLY ILL!!!! What a fucking night! Number one producer, Sam Wolf Lewis. MC D-Feld, number one MC...
Peace, all! Let’s rock this dance hall! ...Drop some beats... (Verse 1) 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and Flow about the room like hourglass sands. Pump that body, Let’s not be shoddy, Don’tcha know hot moves are high in demand? Get down, now, Now all take flight. MC D-Feld’ll keep this goin’ all night! An’ here’s how we gonna do it. (Chorus) Now we move it left, And we move it right. Outta sight, man it’s tight! Never seen nothin’ like this, now, ain’tcha? Come on, shorty, the ropes I’ll show ya. Get down low, blast off, stick that landing, Turn about, spin about, standing Back to back and we blow ‘em away! HELL YEAH! (Verse 2) I pull up by the club After I been wheelin’ it. Leave my ride with the valet, Hope he don’t steal it. I go underground, Hear that music pound, An’ I break it down Like I know I can, But some high n’ mighty man Is sayin’ I can’t top him. That challenge gonna drop him All the way To the bottom of the totem pole When I show him how I roll! C’mon shorty, let’s go back to the floor. Here’s hopin’ that we don’t get shown the door. (Chorus) Look out! Er’’s bridge time... With my bridge beat! (Bridge) Spin it, DJ, crank them slow tunes. I’m in the back, VIP, decipherin’ the runes That this chick just handed me, man they’s cool. I know she wants me, I ain’t no fool. Maybe I won’t be stayin’ past midnight. Nonetheless, keep this party thumpin’ and outta sight! (Verse 3) Comin’ out the back room I’m blowin’ this scene. It’s been keen, know what I mean? This club is hott and I’ll be back. Y’know this one sits at the top of the stack. DJ here’s my playlist; man, I’d love to stay. But duty calls, y’know, so send my tracks their way. I’ll stay at least in spirit, tell the owner I’ll ring her. Tell her “Look for D-Feld, the harbinger Of a good time, accounted for or not,” That’s just ‘cuz I like a bash that’s hot! Peace out, yo! I’m bringin’ it home. That’s all I got. (Instrumental break to the end)
It’s MC D-Feld’s world. (Chorus) Smoke and mirrors, shadows and veils. Second nature, always faithful, never fails. You can read, but can you glean Exactly what this riddle could possibly mean? It’s a dark room, but you’re still in my sight; My fire’s lit and set to burn all night! Riddled with riddles and mystery, Try and solve the riddle; that riddle is me! (Verse 1) Hang your jacket up on the peg. Find a seat and park it and rest them legs. I’ll take you for a ride But we goin’ nowhere. You on the D-Feld side Of the tracks, so beware. Don’tcha know I’m well treated For what I produces? I’ma celeb, top-seeded, Wild like the deuces. ‘Cause the hidden seduces. This’ll be a good night. I feel it in my bones. Girl, you’s hangin’ with the true. I can stand up to them drones. Seductive as they are, you just can’t cram A thousand of them into me as I am. (Chorus) (Verse 2) Girl, you got style and Features that’re hot. Get up out the bleachers, And show me what you got. All right, I think you’s with it. You get shotgun, no challenge. Drive by those who ain’t got it. Let’s give ‘em the phalange. I think you’re fit to figure me out, Or at least to try as many routes As it takes to solve the riddle that’s me. It’s not that easy, but not that tough, So if you think you got the right stuff, This Bold Deceiver likes some spunk. Keeps me sharp, not in some funk. If you can’t keep up with my pace, Maybe this ain’t your time or place. Gems have facets, yeah, quite a lot, Still in all, they’s hot to trot. I say Freya’s blessed and cursed Me with the best of the best and worst Of curves to throw and hurdles to best, So listen well to my behest. Riddle me this one: Can you dig it? (Instrumental) (Verse 3) What you see here’s what you get. What you don’t is better yet. No lies here; I’z genuine ‘Cause no falsehood’s gonna make you mine, Leastways for long, though I know they can. Still, sooner, not later, shit’ll hit the fan. So I’ma tell it straight up, Tell it like it is. I’m toppa the line in the mystery biz. As much as I lay out plain to see, There’s still a lotta delvin’ into me From all them questions still a’floatin’ Around, like why I pray to Thor and Odin. That’s what happens when you dig shit up. “Mystery’s solved, now fill up my cup!” Uh-uh, no way! Gotta find the root. Unearth one thing, find more questions to boot. But I’m a patient man. I know I can list That up there, prolly with masochist. I think that covers all that need be said. If you ain’t daunted, why not rest that head? See, it ain’t no quest This riddle to solve. Just loosen that sash and keep your resolve. Just keep in mind the greatest virtue And all our sinnin’ ain’t gonna hurt you. You’ll unravel all my secrets in due time, girl, And you’ll understand the mystery that’s MC D-Feld’s world. (Instrumental Break to End)
(Intro) You know they’s out there. The significant other who just won’t disappear, ‘Cause they kinda weird, tryin’ to stay fused to your side.
Y’know, I used to think I was a clingy one. Thought there was a kinda propensity, a tendency For me to be the one who was always hangin’ around. But lemme tell you how it went when the tables turned upside-down. (Verse 1) Oh, Gods! How’d this come around?! Don’t know why in this darkest hour, I thought, “I’m found,” But now I’m trapped! And I can’t fight or fly! My mind calls “No.” But my heart calls, “Yo, Knock down the firewall, melt the ice ‘Round your Fortress Heart,” and I must be reminded That she is a Bittersweet Vice. (Chorus) Oh yeah! Oh no! A vice so bittersweet. She wears me down and sweeps me right off my feet. Oh yeah, I know I love and loathe her. I feel her slave and yet I, I feel so free. Maybe I just can’t see if she’s the one for me? (Verse 2) Every hour of every day, She calls me up, then comes my way. Is she contemplatin’ movin’ in? Don’t know if I want or not to let her stay. I am whipped! I’m exhausted! Everyone agrees with me, “Drop her right now, before you’ve lost it!” She tells me that she loves me but it don’t fit no T. And I don’t know why I’m keepin’ this Bittersweet Vice around with me. (Chorus) Oh yeah! Oh no! A vice so bittersweet. She wears me down, then sweeps me right off my feet. Oh, I can’t wait To make up my mind. Stay up at night and hear my weary gears grind, Gotta go gently, ain’t payin’ no price. But I’ma get me out...of that Bittersweet Vice! (Bass Solo) (Bridge) We need a break. It’s not workin’ out. Don’t follow any further. Find another route. A clingin’ stalkin’ shorty’s worse That two-timers I’d once thought devout! (Verse 3) Oh yeah! Oh no! The most bittersweet vice I ever knew. I know I erred when I took up with you. You still don’t get it? I’m ending this all! How clear was that? Must I build a wall? You’re better off without me. Take that advice! I excommunicate you, Bittersweet Vice! Bittersweet Vice! (3x) She’s gone from me! Yeah, yeah, I’m free!!!
(Intro) Pass this horn to MC D-Feld. We runnin’ this Althing. Let’s do this. Yo, yo, yo, here we go. (Verse 1) Once upon a time Before I started to rhyme With flow sublime, The angst was high, So crazy that I Just waved goodbye, Got off the ride Left to hide Out in the shadows, joined the Dark Side. Wouldn’t believe, thought it was stupid, Prayin’ to Christ, Cthulu or Cupid. Thought I knew the truth, said “I’m right, you’re wrong. You’re all fucking weak and I am strong!” Wouldn’t relent, wouldn’t give credence To what I thought was bullshit pretense. But I couldn’t take the darkness, No, I wanted the light. Couldn’t disbelieve In every day and every night. What could I do? Where could I fit? I’ll tell you what I did; I got this Hammer and nailed it. (Chorus) Praised be the Gods As I go on my way. Praised be the High Ones Who point me towards the day. I look around and see the light, On this holy, hallowed sight. Above the clouds, below the ground, Anywhere, everywhere, all around. (Verse 2) Time for the Service... Don’t you go fumin’, Don’t start seethin’, Just because I say I’m a Heathen. Haters gonna hate, but good is what’s balla. You won’t find haters in Valhalla! They don’t care who you are, the Gods, I mean. Whether blue or red or even green. Black or brown, red, yellow, or white Thor and Freya would say you’re all right. They’re out of this world And of it, no lie, Workin’ that magic on The land, sea, and sky. Just pay ‘em their due Like you would for your homie, Or any other bro, who says “Hey, man, you owe me.” They’ll be good to you, They’ve been good to me, Like when I once wondered, “Could this be MC D-Feld’s end? I’m too young to die!” But Odin opened his one good eye. And I said... (Chorus) (Verse 3) Yes, I do believe, Go ahead and scoff. Whatever gives you peace When it’s time to sign off. You stick to yours, I’ll stick to mine, If you wanna switch, hey, yo, that’s fine. Don’t wave no flags, unless you really wanna, But if you talk shit, then man, I’m gonna School you hard, put you in your place, Might introduce Mjolnir to your face! Pious and Metal, yeah there’s such a thing, It’s Ásatrú, bitches, kiss the ring! We up in the Frithstead knockin’ back them beers, Must be pushin’ 40,000 years. We got Hávamál, son, Völuspa as well, It’s more complex than just Asgard or Hel. Keep your white coats, Scanners, protractors, The Solar Goddess has more magic Than a fusion reactor! Hey hijackers! This skald has a rhyme for you: Thor’s a ginger, now Heimdall’s black. Step off, punks! We’re takin’ this faith back! Pour out the mead, and shout out “Hail!” Gods be with us, and we shan’t fail, No matter the foe that dares assail! Peace out, yo! Time for me to bail! Still...(Chorus)
MC D-Feld, yo! Allr Ganga Berserkr, wi-otch! Peace up, down, an’ all around! East Wind rush and West Wind blast, Comin’ right at you, lightning fast! North Winds howl and South Winds blow, Praise to Odin, here we go! Now we make with the flow. (Verse 1) Viking all come heed the horn, Spears all shining in the glow of the morn. Old and young, fair and swarthy, Odin himself, he’s deemed ye worthy! Gather round, in frith assemble. Swear on the ring, don’t dare dissemble. Swear you’ll stand and hold the line, Fill up the cups with mead and wine. Hail! Hail! Say it with me! Hail! Hail! Great Gods, come, see! You got your ballas in Valhalla, Of swaggin’ types you’ve got your crop. Now Midgard’s bumpin’, shout out “Holla!” ‘Cause everybody’s dancin’ the Heathen Hop! (Instrumental) (Verse 2) I’m steppin’ to the mic, reppin’ PKP And the gods that we’ve known since the BCE. Hugin and Munin, send word to Odin. Out on the fjord, this longship’s floatin’. We sailin’ to Asgard, workin’ them oars, Hear us marchin’ straight to your doors. Decked to the nines in Nordic apparel, We chuggin’ down mead and ale by the barrel! Doesn’t matter how you get here; fly, ride, or walk. ‘Cause we gonna frith it up and we ain’t gonna stop! When you get to the party, go an’ party like it’s Ragnarok! DJ, keep it goin’, man, start up the Heathen Hop! (Instrumental) (Bridge) Hail to Bragi, the Lord of Skalds! The club is packed from wall to wall! But someone’s on the side, goin’ “blah, blah, blah.” Push ‘em out on the floor like “Fus Ro Dah!” Nobody opt out, nobody left out, The Æsir crew’s lookin’ down from the top. Come on now, Midgard, let’s blow some minds with the Heathen Hop! (Verse 3) We shinin’ on the haters, like Balder, so bright. Keep the party goin’ all day, all night. Get down, my Heathens, get berserk with it! It’s the Heathen Hop, yo, it’s the real shit! Boom! goes the Thunder like Thor’s on the beat, D-Feld’s on the mic with rhymes elite. I roll like a Viking, a real Heathen balla, That’s why they call me Brother ValHOLLA! Straight from MC D-Feld to the multitude, Blessed are the ones who dance ‘till they drop. Carry right on with the berserkitude, ‘Cause there ain’t no stoppin’, no there ain’t no stoppin’ the Heathen Hop! All the Nine Worlds gonna join in on the party! (Instrumental to End)


released February 19, 2012




MC D-Feld Beloit, Wisconsin

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